Why I invest in Bitcoin

Unless you have been living in Mars or any other planet except planet Earth, then you know about Bitcoin.
It is many things to different people, others saying it’s a scam others saying it’s a wonder of the last decade.
I first heard about Bitcoin around 2010, I was skeptical to invest, because i did not understand it, and thought it was scam.
Alas, it has gone from strength to strength.
I decided to research and understand what Bitcoin is, and the penny has dropped!
I am now investing in Bitcoin because I believe it is the future of money or money of the future.
To put things in perspective if you had invested R100 in Bitcoin in 2011 you investment would now be worth R6,175,273 in September 2019!

What most people also do not know is that you can buy part of a Bitcoin. The price per Bitcoin has put many off investing in Bitcoin, that is where knowledge comes in, because you do not need a large sum to invest.
If you have any doubts check out this article from mybroadband :