This could be why you are in debt and broke!

Most people think they know what goes into their accounts on payday.
Well, they do but maybe not really.
Knowing your expenses will tell you the real value of what goes into your account.
You should definitely know what goes out of that account between paydays.
You see, even the smallest amount has to be accounted for.
The problem is we don’t think before we buy, we are on auto pilot when it comes to buying stuff.
I bet, if you think every time before you make a purchase you would not spend that much buying stuff you don’t need.
Those small steps will get on your way to financial freedom and being debt free.
So before you go berserk at the mall on pay day, just think about all that money leaving your account.
Do you go for the most expensive food, clothes ?
It’s amazing how much you could save just buy making smart choices on those two categories.