So what are you willing to give up to achieve your goals?

This is the question I had to answer when I decided to get out of debt.
What could I give up in order to free up some cash to pay off my debts?
I looked at where I was spending my money, and what I saw was that the biggest amount was going towards rent.
The two bedroom townhouse was taking the largest chunk of my earnings, I had to ask myself if I could reduce this amount.
The answer was simple, yes I could! so I moved into a bachelor pad in town where I also did not have to take a taxi to work.
With this one decision I killed two birds with one stone, no more transport costs and less rent to pay.
I now had extra money available to pay off my debts.
You see, I had a goal, and the goal was to pay off my debt, so if it meant lowering my living standard, then I was willing to do that.
I did not worry about what my friends were going to say, I looked at the end result.
Focusing on my goal made everything else matter very little.