You just got your first job?

So you have just been hired in your first job. If you want to build wealth you will do well to avoid buying that car if it is not necessary.
If you need a car to commute to work, buy a car that does not cost too much. Yes you will look cool in that flashy sports car, but is it a necessity?
Would you rather look cool or have money in the bank?
One of the things to do is to look for a property you can purchase that is within your means.
You don’t have to stay in the property, you can let out. If you still stay with your parents even better!
When buying that property to live in it, it also shouldn’t be something that you cannot afford.
What I mean is don’t stretch yourself, just like in the car example are you buying a house for you or do you want to have the fanciest house to impress your peers?
Don’t let society pressure you into buying a 4 bedroom house if you do not need it.
Buying a cheaper house will allow you to make extra payments to payoff the bond quicker as well!