Fixing that credit record

To fix my credit record I got a copy of my credit report from the credit bureau.
All credit bureaus(Transunion);(Experian), can give you a copy your credit report once a year.This gave a clear picture of how many accounts I had and what I owed.
It showed me which ones were in arrears, which ones were judgments and which ones were defaults etc.
This gave me a clear indication of what I needed to do to fix my finances.
When you have your credit report you can verify that all the information is correct as well.
If anything is not correct you can advise the credit bureau and they will correct the information.
I realised that making payments on time on my accounts is very important.
I also realised that I did not need all those accounts.
One or two accounts are enough to build a credit history.
You do not have to over commit yourself opening unnecessary accounts.
We often buy things we don’t really need, just because we have credit available.
You see it’s easy to spend on credit than spending your cash.
I also decided to simplify my lifestyle, basically I try to live below my means as far as possible.
Now, before I enter into any credit agreement I ask myself do I really need it.

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